Metal Aviator Sunglasses for men at Rs. 299 in India

Metal Aviator Sunglasses for Men at Rs. 299 in India

Metal aviator sunglasses for men are one of a kind in themselves. They have been the most popular among all kinds of sunglasses since past few decades. Be it in normal life, vacations, formal occasions, etc. they have always been the most sought ones. They are pure metal, heavy and of course masculine (At least what men consider it).

It’s not that metal aviator sunglasses are only popular among men. These sunglasses are loved by the opposite gender too equally. But when it comes to heavy metal aviators then it’s actually more about men. That is the reason that this section of sunglasses is one the most selling segment in comparison too other styles that are available in market today.

Every renowned brands offers the best metal aviator sunglasses but that comes at a price that most people for no wish to spend. This is where we come in ! We, SD Jaxson has launched cheapest metal aviators for men in India with prices starring from just Rs. 299. That is not all ! This price even includes a branded hard case along with cleaning cloth.

You may think that we are offering such a luring price here so the quality of sunglasses must would have been compromised. Well to answerer that, we assure you that you will not find such unique and stylish metal aviator sunglasses anywhere in either in online or retail market. Not only we have the best quality and best prices, we also have a stock of awesome rimless metal aviator sunglasses. You can just browse through their magnificent shades and we bet that your will surely fall for one of them.

All these metal aviator sunglasses in India also come with an “amazing offer” i.e. if your total order value is  minimum Rs. 1000, then we provide you free shipping of your product anywhere in India and above that also  a free pair of sunglasses with order. Isn’t that great ? Even if you are not ordering up to Rs. 1000 and just wish to try one of them initially, you only have to pay a very small shipping fees of Rs. 25 only. And this negligible amount is for shipping your favorite metal aviator sunglasses to any location to India.

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