Wooden Sunglasses in India Launched

Cheapest Wooden Sunglasses in India at Rs 499 Only

Wooden Sunglasses are one of the newest burning trendsetter in Indian market. Recently, wooden sunglasses in India launched at a price that is easily affordable by every sunglasses lover. Bamboo wood sunglasses in India are rarely available in retail outlets. This is why people have to order them online and end up paying up much more than what they expected.

This over costing on wood sunglasses in India happens primarily due to 2 main reasons :

  • The orders are shipped to India from other countries and hence customers are charged in US Dollars.
  • The international shipping cost is much higher in such cases as no local shipping is done in such cases.

But not any more ! We have launched the best wood sunglasses in India. After a rigorous survey of thousands of customer’s choices and buying pattern, we have short listed and brought in the best models for shipping locally now in India. We are here to provide all wood sunglasses at the cost of regular sunglasses and that too with some really good offers as outlined below :

  • All wood lovers can have their favorite & loved wood sunglasses in India at an unbelievable cost of Rs. 499 ONLY
  • Last, but the best part : Get a pair of free sunglasses & free shipping too (For delivery anywhere within India) on total order value of Rs. 1000 and above.

Visit our online shop and buy cheap sunglasses online in India today to benefit from the wooden sunglasses in India launched recently ! 

You can choose from all sorts of popular styles i.e. wood aviators, wayfarer & rectangular sunglasses too. For the best experience of our customers, all these styles are available in some awesome mirrored and reflective shades to add to the coolness of wood sunglasses.

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