Buy Wooden Frame Sunglasses in India

Buy Wooden Frame Sunglasses in India @ Rs. 499 Only

When you search online to buy wooden frame sunglasses in India, you will soon be over whelmed to see to so many sellers offering them at all sorts of prices. But, that is not all ! 

When you go ahead to place an order with one of them, you soon realize that most of them are not based or even have their inventory/stock in India. That further burdens you to pay huge international shipping cost which is sometimes even more than the product cost.

The price offered at all of such websites selling wooden frame sunglasses online for men & women are meant for shipping in their local countries only. When it comes to shipping in rest of the world it takes nothing less than USD 15 (Approx. Rs. 1,000)  just to ship them to India or any other country.

Let’s move on to another issue faced by most buyers when ordering wooden frame sunglasses online from such websites. The prices are mostly in US Dollars and everybody ends up paying more than what they expected due to the currency conversion charges charged by you bank or debit card too. 

So, why not order from a place that has full stock available in India, offers you all popular bamboo wood sunglasses in Indian Rupees and that too at zero shipping cost to any part of India !

What makes us the best website to buy wooden frame sunglasses in India ?

  • Our wood sunglasses inventory/stock is always ready for dispatch to any part of India (Whether it be 1 sunglasses order or 100 pieces order).
  • Forget about international shipping costs, you don’t even need to pay any local shipping cost as it is absolutely free to all parts of India. 
  • All prices in Indian Rupees (INR) and you only get charged what you see online (No discrepancies in final billed amount). 

If all that’s not enough, we would like to remind of our ongoing offer i.e. you will get free sunglasses & free shipping for delivery in India on total order value of Rs. 1000 and above.