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SD Jaxson® is a brand owned by parent company “SD Jaxson Exim Pvt Ltd”. The brand currently sells premium wood, metal & plastic sunglasses online in India & abroad.

Our sale price makes us stand apart from most others. The excellent quality of sunglasses at wholesale price not only attracts retail buyers, but many business owners as well to place bulk orders. 

That’s not all !

We are giving away a FREE PAIR OF SUNGLASSES on all orders above Rs. 1,000 (LIMITED PERIOD).

Why should you try wood sunglasses ?

Wood sunglasses are something unique that are created with lots of craftmanship & not readily available at every retail store you visit. They are a completely new category of sunglasses often portrayed as being very costly.

We assure you that you are at the right place. You can have premium wood sunglasses on our website at the cost of metal sunglasses and that too with some awesome coupons & freebies with every order !

Premium Feel

All our wood & metal sunglasses are made from the finest quality of material finished to perfection.

Awesome Shades

All sunglasses are available in awesome variety of mirrored & reflective shades to choose from.

Cost Effective

We have ongoing sale on all our sunglasses at present and this makes the pricing better than ever.

Coupons & Freebies

We are currently giving away a free pair of sunglasses on all orders valued above Rs. 1000.

Wood, metal & plastic sunglasses at lowest prices !

All popular styles now available in "the wood makeover"

SD Jaxson Wood Wayfarer Sunglasses

Wood Wayfarer Sunglasses

SD Jaxson Wood Aviator Sunglasses

Wood Aviator Sunglasses

SD Jaxson Wood Rectangular Sunglasses

Wood Rectangular Sunglasses

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Why should you buy from us ?

You may have seen wood sunglasses, but what we are selling is the creativity of wood sunglasses combined with the style of metal frames. Believe us, a combination of these 2 in a single product looks far more appealing than any on alone.

You may have seen hundreds of metal aviator sunglasses online and in retail, but we can promise you that the rimless & stylish aviator sunglasses we offer you are at the wildest (Cheapest) prices you may have come across anywhere in market.

Check the FREE  SUNGLASSES that will shipped when total order value is above Rs. 1,000. Free shipping for all orders above Rs. 500. This offer can close any day depending on stock availability, hence is a limited period offer. So go ahead & buy sunglasses online today.

Almost all sellers offering wood sunglasses online in India ship them from abroad & charge in US Dollars, which makes the price go really high. On the other had, we have all our bamboo wood sunglasses stocked up in India and are ready to ship anywhere in India.

International Shipping

Free Shipping

FAST SHIPPING on all orders above Rs. 500 to any part of India.

Best Quality Bamboo Sunglasses

Premium Quality

Premium wood, metal & plastic sunglasses at un-beatable prices.

Unbelievable Price of 199 Only

Unbelievable Offers

FREE SUNGLASSES on orders valued above Rs. 1,000.

Secure Online Payments

Secure Payments

Online payments through net banking / cards / wallets.

FREE SUNGLASSES (Above Rs. 1,000) | FREE SHIPPING (Above Rs. 500) | Online Payment